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Barry Ahlsten & Jeff Saxton

The Recipient is basically: “Touched By An Angel” meets “The X Files” in a “CSI” skin”

The Main Character – ‘BEAR’ McQuade, is always on a mission to give a divinely inspired message of hope to whoever the next “Recipient” might be; Sometimes, it is the last person he ever thought would be chosen.

The excitement occurs when he finds himself in trouble with the law, police, the press, the mafia, CIA, FBI, and even his suspicious wife, while he innocently goes about seeking Heavenly guidance and protection.

Barry Ahlsten & Jeff Saxton Palm House Productions

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Haven't We Had Enough Junk on TV From Hollywood?

The Latest Facts On The Increase of Filth and Decadence is Astounding...

There Has Been A Huge Moral Spiral Downward on TV!

People of Faith Are Regularly Shown As Outdated And Irrelevant.

Jeff's Story - The Recipient

I've been looking for the right opportunity to create something that, on the surface is entertaining and heart-pumping, but also beneath the surface lies another realm where we can communicate an eternal message of hope.

- Jeff Saxton, Producer/Director, The Recipient

Barry's Passion

Why couldn’t we capture the imagination of a generation with something fresh and out-of-the-box that also brings glory to God on prime-time TV? I’m crazy enough to believe God can make it happen!

- Barry Ahlsten, Creator/Producer, The Recipient

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What is The Recipient TV Pilot About?

Barry Ahlsten & Jeff Saxton

Official Movie LogLine:

“Barry ‘BEAR’ McQuade is a mild-mannered blue collar “everyman” who believes he has been divinely selected to bring heavenly messages to various people in need. But suddenly his world is turned upside down when he is mistakenly identified by the CIA as part of an underground international espionage racket.

McQuade is forced to clear his name by undergoing a series of psychological tests at the request of his reticent wife Sarah McQuade, while secretly cooperating with the CIA in a variety of secret missions that ironically… coincide with his heavenly assignments.”

Barry Ahlsten & Jeff Saxton Palm House Productions

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BARRY AHLSTEN  - Creator / Co-Writer

Resume Highlights:


Resume Highlights:

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3 - Sean C.

"I'm financially supporting The Recipient project because it's exciting to be part of reaching our culture with Truth through - entertainment."

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Barry Ahlsten / Jeff Saxton Barry Ahlsten / Jeff Saxton, Producers, Palm House Productions

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    A.You bet! A Digital Copy of THE RECIPIENT Comes with Any LEVEL you contribute! (Only exception: the $10 level)

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    A.Yes Tickets Are A Perk Of Several Contribution Levels!

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    A.Nothing. IndieGoGo will not make the Page live until LAUNCH DAY! That is why we have made this website and other pages – to make sure we communicate our Campaign effectively!

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    A.The Official DEADLINE IS  – June 26! But We Need Your Contribution ASAP So Try NOT TO WAIT Till the last minute! We will email reminders to you and post reminders on Facebook Fan Page!

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